#17: [Post HK] What I Miss (and don’t miss)

Things I Miss: The MTR, and being able to go basically anywhere in HK for dirt cheap (thanks to my student 50% off card) Endless skyscrapers with lush trees and mountains peeking from behind #ConcreteJungle Being able to walk between places easily Dim sum, for dayzzzzz 😛 HK-style milk tea…my new fave MT! Too bad it’s not really a thing here 😥 The abundance of matcha/green … Continue reading #17: [Post HK] What I Miss (and don’t miss)

#16: [Post HK] HKU vs UCD

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is how the studying aspect of “studying abroad” was. Was it harder? What were classes like? Did professors speak English? Did you even go to school????? In short, I felt like both HKU and UCD (and any university, for that matter) are pretty similar in the most general sense. You’ve got lectures, discussion sections, TAs, office hours, homework, exams, libraries….blah … Continue reading #16: [Post HK] HKU vs UCD

#15 : Update

Hiiii! I’m alive! 😀 I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. In fact, I’m not even in Hong Kong anymore…hahaha. I’m back to Stateside, but don’t worry, Letters from HK isn’t quite finished yet! It bugs me that the blog isn’t up-to-date, but December was unbelievably busy. In between final projects, family visiting, checking things off the bucket list, saying goodbyes (to … Continue reading #15 : Update

#14: Weekend Getaway to Taiwan

We left Hong Kong the night of Friday, Oct. 30 (right after the worst exam of my life…but let’s not talk about that..), arriving at Taoyuan Int’l Airport at close to 2 am. We spent the night in Taoyuan, waking up early on Saturday to take the bus into the Taipei city area….and then we were off on our 2day jam-packed adventure! I’ve broken up my … Continue reading #14: Weekend Getaway to Taiwan